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I absolutely love this shoe it goes with so many things and are really comfortable. What could I do without my Sperry's !!! Sperry just makes a great shoe. Practically indestructible and super comfortable. As expected, I'm very pleased. I did not even realize that they still made this shoe. I wore them all the time as a kid and was thrilled to find them online. They are a wonderful shoe and they still fit the way I remember. They say this is the original Sperry Topsider, the ones that I loved in the early 80's but it isn't. I still like this shoe but I did expect the leather to be more stiff and formed like it used to be. Now it comes to you with soft leather that is already broken in, comfortable? yes, but doesn't feel as if it will have the staying power of the orginal version. It took 5 years to get my old ones to feel the way that these come now.

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